Audiofiles grow from 4GB to 50GB after export

Hi everyone,

I am running Nuendo 6.5 Trial, working on a 90 min. feature film project.
In Audiopool my audiofilesize is 4GB in total (nothing left in trash or anywhere else).
After export (selected tracks/xml) the audiofilsize grows to 50GB.
Does anyone know why this happens?

I suspect part of the problem could be that Nuendo creates a new audiofile for every Plug-in Effect that I used.
Even though I archived the project and fixed the effects.
Nuendo also seems to “remember” multichannel recordings I used in the project, even though I converted from multi to mono and deleted the original multichannel file:
In the media file (of the exported project) a lot of my Audiofiles are similar, just distinguished by numbers (1,2,3…)

Does anyone have an idea?

MacBook Pro, 2,2GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB Memory, OS X 10.8.5

Hi Davrus

How big is your project audio folder? Is that 4gB in total?

Cheers, Alan

Hi Alan,

my original audio folder is 80GB but contains all the unused audiofiles…

That is normal.
Nuendo never-ever distroys audio files. Unless you put them in the trashcan, empty the trashcan and reply “yes” to the message “do you really want to distroy these files”. So nothing is replaced, moved or trashed.


Hi Fredo, thanks for the answer.

Is there any way to make Nuendo only export the selected tracks AND only the 4GB that are shown in Audiopool?
Strange thing is: in the original project it says in Audiopool: 4454 Audiofiles, 4,88 GB. After exporting via export/selected tracks, the new audio file (media) consists of 4454 Audiofiles too, but weights 50GB now…??
Is that really normal?

Also, if Nuendo would normally export the whole original Audio file, how come the new audio file is “only” 50Gb not 80GB?

Am I completely misunderstanding something here?

Thanks for your help!

I am confused, because “export selected tracks” doesn’t create new audiofiles.
It copies (if this option is checked) the used audiofiles into a new Folder and the reference data is copied into an xml file.
These audiofiles are exact copies of the files that are/were in your pool.
It could however be that the project contains a bunck of files that are/were not located into the “audio” folder of your project. Upon exporting selected tracks, these files will also be copied.
Or your project is set to 32bit float, and the used files are all 16 bit or so …

I suggest you compare the files in the project audio folder with those in the exported media folder, so see whare the differences are to be found.


Thanks again Fredo!

I am confused too.
I momentary believe the error lies in the information of the Pool.
Seems like Pool is counting the audiofile size differently and says 4GB instead of 50GB.

While trying to find a workaround I used “minimize media” on the exported project.
Now the audiofiles are less than 1GB in total.
Seems like a lot of times, when I cut clips, or rendered effects on them, Nuendo copied the whole audiofile into the project, instead of just referencing the original.
Some audiofiles have up to 16 identical “clones”
(strange enough it did reference other cut clips in some cases - I can see no principle in this yet)

In my minimized project, save times went from 4 min. to zero.
The downside is the lacking handlelength of the clips.
Maybe I should start a new thread, but is there a way to use “minimize media” but tell the function to keep some seconds handlength?
That would be a great workaround for me…



I am not sure if this is still an active issue, or if an acceptable solution has been found, but I seem to recall someone having a problem somewhat like this, quite a while ago though, and the problem turned out to be be that edits were being saved as separate audiofiles. This might have concerned Auto-Tune: IF I correctly recall: Auto-Tune would correct something, and save the file, and then make another correction and save that as a separate audiofile, and so on. Is it possible something like this occurred to cause the original “problem” of the 4gbs audiofile that grew to 50gbs?

Hey Boatman,

this sounds very much like what happened to me.
(And the issue is still active)
It seems like edits or/and effects were saved as seperate files.
Problem is I couldn’t recreate that effect, probably because I was changing a lot of parameters in preferences to get rid of the extended saving times.
Now I’m trying to figure out, which settings caused the seperate saving in the first place.

Take a look in the “Edits” folder.


Thanks Fredo,

very interesting. I have checked the “Edits” folder and yes there are 3 GB of files.
Do you have an idea what could have caused Nuendo to seperately save the audio files into that folder?


As said before, Nuendo never destroys a file. So each time you apply an offline process to a file, an new file gets created. And that file resides in the Edits folder.


It is very possible that I am slightly misremembering the problem and that Auto-Tune was combining and saving all its edits in one file, the more edits the larger the file. If Auto-Tune, then other plug-ins could, possibly, do it too.

You could open that 50gbs audiofile and see what’s in it. (I am assuming that there is one 50gbs file, and not lots of little files, although I am not 100% that that is the case.) That file could be one audiofile repeated 20 times, for example. And by comparing some of those repeated segments, you might well be able to see what, if any, differences there are between the repeated sections and tell if they are in fact different, edited versions of the original audiofile.

You might want to look at the specific plug-ins which you’re using. (This would implicate only VST’s and not VSTi’s, obviously.)