Audiointerface inactive

Dear Community,

All interfaces appear inactive in the studio settings, while the software shows activity regarding audio signals visually in the mixer (BUS1).

Besides the specific solution, I would like to know about the background of this kind of concept, it´s hidden dangers and errors and when they occur (unintentionally).

(-> “Why is audio interface set to inactive?”)

Being used to Mac and its audio solutions, I´d additionally like to dig in the PC/Cubase Domain. Similarities, Differences and so on…
(can you use different audio input and output devices)

Some hints and clues, where to look and keep an eye on would be nice to enable and maintain the basic functionality of this system.

What key word would you look for in the manual regarding this issue here?
I tried “inactive”, “audio interface” and such, but found no in depth description so far.

THX for your experience for a Cubase newbie

Inactive ports are always shown, when they are not connected to a Cubase bus, which is explained in the manual. „Setting up the system“ or something like that. At the very start at least…