AudioInterface loading from 1 USB only

Hello. I tried it on Windows 7, Windows 10. Cubase LE 8 is loading my M-Audio M-track plus from one specific USB only. I have maybe 6 USB3.0 and 2 USB2.0 on the back of my computer and then I have 2 USB2.0 on the front of my PC case - those are ofcourse connected to the same motherboard as those USBs at the back.

I load cubase, switch to M-Audio driver but “hardware not found or already in use” is displayed everytime I use different USB port than THE ONE ON THE FRONT OF MY PC CASE, THE ONE ON THE LEFT. This is the only USB port that Cubase loads M-Audio with no problem and works perfectly. I´ve experienced this on two different versions of Windows as I said.

With FL studio - all USB ports works the same.

Any ideas what could it be? This seems to be like a ghost in the machine to me