Audiomixdown from a 44.1 kHz project turns out slower than what is previewed in Cubase

Hi everybody,

I am quite new to audio production, so please forgive me if this should be a dumb question.

I have a project which is in 44.1 kHz and when I export a mixdown, it always comes out slower than what I hear in Cubase. It doesn’t matter what samplerate I choose for the export.

In my project settings it shows an information pop up: ‘the samplerate is different from the samplerate of the audio hardware’

A mixdown from a 48 kHz project comes out at the right tempo.
I have tried converting the project to 48 kHz, but all the available settings lead to a dissarangement of my midi and audio tracks.

Do you know of any way to export the mixdown in the right tempo or is there a good way to convert the samplerate of my project, which keeps audio and midi in the right tempo and position?

Thanks a lot!

In that case, you should open your driver settings and change the sample here, so it matches with the project. or, change the project sample and convert the files. Basically, if your project is 44.1 and the audio device is 48, then everything that you hear during playback is already playing at wrong speed…

Additionally, you should make sure the sample rate for the audio files is the same than the project. You can check that in the Pool (Ctrl+P).

Also, can you tell more about your setup ? What audio device are you using ?

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Hey Louis, thank you so much for your reply!

I tried your suggestion and you are right, the slow tempo is the actual tempo.

I have found a way to convert the project to 48 kHz while keeping the quicker tempo from before. Happily I started to work on it but somehow nothing sounded right. Of course, because now the audio tracks are out of tune compared to my MIDI :sweat:

So ultimately I will have to rebuild the complete song from the ground up.

Does this help ?

You need to set your hardware to follow sample rate changes from Cubase.
That makes it easier.

Hi @Kubbe , thank you very much for the video link!
It’s great information which may help people who stumble across this thread.

My problem was that the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver can only replay at 48 kHz. While I was working in 44.1 kHZ, the playback from Cubase always came at a higher speed and as a result the actual tempo of my work is slower than what I had heared.
After @Louis_R reply, I tried the ASIO4ALL driver and now I hear the actual tempo in Cubase.

So, despite of what I had thought in the beginning, converting to 48 kHz can’t save anything, because the whole song is in the wrong tempo.

@st10ss Thank you, definitely will do that in the future!

My recommendation to everybody reading this: better don’t use the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver!

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