Audionate Dante with Cubase / Mac


does anyone have experience with Dante Virtual Sound card on the Mac with Cubase?
I need to do a 36Ch Live recording in a few days.
The sound company tells me the have setup their system with Dante.
I just want to make sure, that this is working, because there is no way for me to try it in advance.

Is it complicated to set up?
Is it stable and reliable?

Would be great if you would give me some tips or info about this.



Just note that the DVS introduces 4ms latency on top of whatever everything else. Some related posts are: Dante search

JSChild has some experience with Dante, but through his company, ADK.


Dante works well with Cubase on MAC.
Did a 36 ch recording live 48Khz, 24 Bit.
No problems, easy setup.