Audioperfomance meter jumping around

I have installed the latest version 12.0.50 Build 387.
I have justed opended Cubase loaded one wave-File ( 48 kHz 24 Bit Stereo) No VST-Plugin loaded. Haven’t started playback nor anything else and the Audioperfomance Meter is jumping around between about 5% to 25 %
I am using Windows 10 64 Bit 22H2 (Build 19045.2130)
Intel I7-2600K
Nvidia 1060 6 GB Graphicscard (Driver is 522.30 -Studio Versio)
Audiointerface is Steinberg UR22 (USB Driver V2.1.3)
I tried all different settings in Cubase
Studio-Settings ASIO-Guard on and off
all ASIO-Guard-Levels
Audiopriority Normal/Boost
Mode for optimized Audioperformance from Steinbert on / off
but nothing helped.
Any Idea what I am doing wrong or what else I can try?
Thanks for you assistance and your hints

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I’ve also noticed this happening on both my laptop and desktop. I wonder if the audio performance meter is reflecting processor usage that is outside of Cubase?

What’s your audio buffer size ?

It doesn’t reflect the actual CPU load, but how the audio engine can perform based on the current CPU status (load, clock and interrupts), so the usage outside of Cubase is indeed taken into account.

Basically, if it moves as shown in the video, it’s probably because there is no load on the CPU and the clock is low, but as soon as there is some load, for example moving the mouse around, you’ll see the meter decrease because the CPU clock goes higher.

But, if it jumps like this even the CPU clock is at its maximum, e.g setting the power plan on high performance, then it’s more concerning and is probably caused by other programs that run in the background.

Thanks for your reply and your hints.
The buffersize is 128 .
And my CPU-Load (measured with Windows Taskmanager) is 2.4 %.
No other Apps are running (only what is required and automatically started by the Operating System).
I have set the CPU-Clock to be fixed at 3.6 GHz.
If I start another application i.e. Photoshop this does not change the behavior of the ASIO - Load Meter.
Any other ideas what might cause the “problem” are welcome.

The buffer size is why it is jumping about more erratically , yes it’s a PITA but if your mixing , increase the buffer to 512/1024 and it should solve the issue

Hello FilterFreq thanks for your reply.
Changing the buffersize reduces the peaking of the ASIO-Meter, and I will change it.
But still strange for me is, why is it peaking when nothing goes on (just loaded the waveform). There shouldn’ t be any activity , no?
Interesting is also, that I haven’t had this issue in the past with the former versions of Cubase and Protools also does not have this issue.
Good for me to know, that the error is not on my side, but probably something in the Cubase Software or the USB-Driver.

the same for me after update, Audioperfomance Meter is not stable (jumping like your video) like before with the same project and same buffer/asio-guard setting

Hi Studio06
I found a “workaround” that improved the situation in my case
I start Cubase now with a shortcut with this target-setting.
C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C START “Cubase 12” /affinity FC “%ProgramFiles%\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Cubase12.exe”

The affinity FC means that from my 4 cores (8 threads) that my CPU has I use only 6. The cores 0 and 1 are not used by Cubase any more. If you ave a 8 core (16 thread CPU) you can try FFFC.
Now the ASIO-Meter is within a reasonable range (5 to 10%). Still does not explain why there is any activiy when only a waveform is loaded, but I guess this can only be answered by Steinbergs Cubase R&D.
Please let me know if this workaround has worked for you too.

I know , it’s a pain and usings 128 should only before tracking really but you’re right the new asio system is not as stable as the old one and referencing against other daw’s means nothing .
It’s nothing to do with usb drivers , i still use Firewire and the same applies .
This is why i stayed on 30 as with 40 i couldn’t even open a previous project without peaking .
Steinberg needs to wake up to this new ASIO broken system they have introduced , there’s nothing more off putting as an erratic meter that tells you if your running correctly or not, KNOWING you are running correctly