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Hello I would like to set my 5.1 connections of my studio under cubase.
I have 5 Yamaha series HS speakers and the Yamaha HS box.
The problem when I connect the two facades with my box and it is returned to the RME UFX sound card on outputs 1 and 2 I can not under cubase 12 to dissociate this to create the system 5.1 in the audio connections menu.

Indeed I can not put the output 1 or 2 for the box and the output 1 for L the output 2 for R…
How to do it?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

In the Audio Connections > Outputs add new bus with configuration 5.1. Then set the Device Ports.

hello yes thank you
but the problem is that the speaker left and right (Yamaha HS series) are connected to the subwoofer (Yamaha HS series). And the subwoofer to the audio card on channel 1 and 2. So L R and subwoofer are connected to line 1 and line 2… How to do on cubase?


Why do you send a signal from the speaker to Cubase, please?

Sorry the audio card send to… subwoofer by line 1 and 2…

Then you are not performing true 5.1. To do that you need a separate feed to the sub and left and right (as well as rear left and right) From your description the sub is integrated with left and right so you can’t do it.

To do this you would have to separate the sub from the left/right or get another sub for the lfe channel.

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Thank you !
Do dissociate it on subwoofer there are two output. Wich one to i connect to the audio card?

The audio card needs 5 separate outputs with one going to each speaker. So just one one to the sub. The only problem is if the sub is really just an extension for the lack of bass on the main L/R and is therefore integrated with them. If that is the case you would need a separate sub.

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Yamaha H8S i have …
So i didn’t know :\

The only Yamaha sub I can find is the hs8. If you have that then yes you need to decouple it. You can get a splitter and run into both left and right of the sub from an output on your card.

If you then want to work in just stereo you really need to integrate it again for it to work right.
In your case the sub is working as a crossover for the left and right unless you use the tilt control on the speakers.

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Thank you so much. If i use the two output of subwoofer directely to the soundcard. It Works? Otherwise, where can i find this splitter?
If i use only one output of the subwoofer to one input of the card , it works also?
If i buy a second subwoofer the same is it possible or this subwoofer it just use with left and right of HS8…

It’s output of the sound card to the sub not output of sub to card.

Are you wanting do a mix in 5.1?

The manual for the sub will probably tell you to just put the output of the audio card into the left in of the sub if you only have one output. The sub you have was designed to run as an extension to the speakers as they don’t go very low.

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You can usually just use one input on a sub

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Yes it is the output of the sound card to the subwoofer which offers an input line L and an input line R.
Yes 5.1 and then switch to dolby atmos but the sound card has only 8 outputs…

Best you can do is 7.1 then

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ok or add a rack with the card ? I have a RME UFX. Have you some advices for me?

Yes get an adat expansion for it. I have the cheap Behringer ada8200 to add outputs for extra headphone mixes to my RME Babyface pro fs It’s up to you how much you spend though. Whatever you get it will show up in TotalMix.

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So great ! You’re great!
Is it possible with octamic II of RME? with adat connection.

Octamic is an 8 channel microphone pre-amp with built in AD (Analog to Digital) converter and an ADAT interface. The Octamic is used to add microphone inputs, not outputs.

Any DA (Digital to Analog) converter equipped with ADAT lightpipe (optical connection) will work.
The Behringer ADA8200 as mentioned by mkok is one option, RME M-32 DA M-16 DA is another. There are quite a few options out there.

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