Audiowarp and quantisation

Have dive in to the mighty audio realm hehe. So mutch i can do, and yet so litle i can on this topic. Yes syntax error in by brain, and need to read the manual and look att youtube hahah.

  1. Why dont my audio file snap on the grid , just around it?
  2. When trying to do alignment with 2 simular and little les simular audio stems it dont sound good, is it better to chop up the stems so it work with smaler stems, to get better resultat?
    3, then Done with a audio file and effects, i need to reQuant the file to align to the grid agen, and make it controlled organic with the offset on Q. When to try to fix the audio file with pitch and other stuff, its a clusterfuck. How to fix chooped pitch and realign it to say 1/4-1/8/16 with audiowarp the right way. And every time i bounce it, it go back to the original and i need to start over agen. how to do without sample track.
  3. And i have tryed to play around to se the best way to open a audio file that have some notes in it. And tryed to se how cubase can tell me what chord it is or what notes that i have and what chord that have this notes. Have my project root on F. And when i klick on the chord button all the notes jump around. I have it sett on chord and notes within 12 notes. How to make this fast?

Is there any good Marcos for this and how to make the workflow good and fast in here. The most irritating is then the audio file dont snap on grid hahaha. Have all the settings right, just want to know why the file do that.
5. What is the fastest way to audiowarp to grid?
6. Hur to get the best resultat for alignment to save time to work with phaising problems like the end of the kick and Rise of the sub and bass when volume envelope or alignment tool?