Audiowarp Flatten

So I have been cleaning up timing issues in a drum take. Usually I don’t use audio warp or variaudio, so I have been trying to wrap my brain around it for the last couple days. I am mixing a live drum performance done with 4 mics, and there are a few spots that bug me. I have broken the entire clip into sections using events and edit the spots with the detection grid.

  1. When I would Flatten using Realtime audio, the first clip gave me the choice between the different algorithms and my ear tended to prefer the MPEX Polycomplex. I wasn’t given the option in the next clip, it would only allow Realtime processing. I can’t find any concrete information why this is.

  2. I tried flattening all my clips using realtime processing and after about four clips my computer started to lag…as if it was processing it all in realtime. I also can’t find a lot of information on what it is doing, if this is the case or not. Is realtime processing inferior to the MPEX algorithms? My ear thinks this to be the case but it could be situational.

  3. Is there a difference between flatten realtime processes and bouncing the audio down?

it seems that when I am given the option to use MPEX the end result sounds tighter and smoother, but trial and error with this is only getting me so far and I’m wasting too much time trying to figure it out.

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