AudioWarp making the song slow at the end

Hello guys!
I use “AudioWarp” to edit a song out of time, and thereby leave it in time.
The Free Warp option and I will insert the Marker in the option I want to change.
The problem is that it is creating a mark at the end and with that, I put the part in time, but the end is always slow.
Is this a bug or need to configure something?
Thank you.

I’m not sure I’m 100% clear on what you’re doing, but I do know that when I do audio warp, I need to put what I think of as “boundary” or “anchor” points before or after the bit I am warping, otherwise the stretch/compress will extend all the way to the beginning or end of the part. So looking at that image, there is an “anchor” that it put at the very end, and if you move the marker at 1.82 to the left, all the audio between it and the end will be stretched and, thus, slowed down. If the 1.82 location needed to move, I would have put another point a little bit after it (where depends on your specific situation) so that the stretch occurs between 1.82 and that new point, then everything between the new point and the end stays unchanged. Provided of course that you don’t move the new point.

it is common with this behavior when doing free warp. the music is playing fine on the left side of the marker because that you have quantize the way you want it. but on the right side between the last marker you made and the end marker cubase has incorrect information about the bars etc so that is why it sounds too slow or too fast. so most likely you would want to put in more markers to give Cubase the “correct” grid information or you migth want to move around the end marker until you get your desired result

The quick way around this is to add some silence to the end of your audio file.

Put the audio in a part, extend the right hand side of the part to make it a few bars bigger and bounce the audio - you’ll get a new audio file with silence added to the end.

Now you have room to play with!

Thanks to everyone for the tips.
What was best for me was to put a space without audio after the audio event, it worked very well.
Thanks again to everyone.