AudioWarp multiple tracks simultaneously


I’m trying to edit some drum tracks to fix some minor timing issues. My idea was to use AudioWarp and group the tracks, as I thought I’d be able to edit multiple tracks simultaneously.

This is what I’ve tried: I click the Group Editing on my drum folder. Then I click the open separate window to get to the AudioWarp menu. When I start to do my AudioWarp editing I can only see that AudioWarp affects one of the tracks. Oh, I get no warnings or error messages.

Is it possible to edit multiple tracks using AudioWarp?



This feature is new in Cubase 12.


How many tracks of drums? If ithere are not too many , for a workaround in Cubase 11 Pro you could convert your tracks to a single multichannel surround format track , use audio warp, then split them back out to the individual tracks again.

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This works fine until I try to convert the surround track back into mono tracks. Then the timing seems to be lost again. :man_shrugging:
Edit, I also get some glitches in the sound while doing the transformations back and forth.

I don’t know but this sounds to me like maybe they haven’t been bounced down before trying to extract the mono tracks again? (Seem to recall this was a problem I had when uisng the same method for a multi-mic guitar edit).

Did you print the warp edits into the multitrack file before converting back to individual tracks?

I had another go at it and it works like a charm.

First i convert the tracks into a multitrack. Then i warp edit the multitrack. Lastly i convert back to monotracks.

What i messed up was the tempo setting and musical mode on the tracks.

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Ah, glad you got it working. Easy to overlook those sort of things, especially when using a workaround that’s a bit long winded itself.
I believe that Multitrack warping is now a “proper” feature on Cubase 12 Pro, but I haven’t had the need to use it yet!