[AudioWarp] Only one reference visible underneath waveform, when editing multiple events. Possible?

Hi All,

I’m new to Cubase (switching from Protools). Really like the workflow so far, although there’s one thing that i can’t get figured out.

Right now i’m editing (audiowarp / variaudio) big vocal stacks (30+ harmony tracks). I love the way you can select a bunch of events, open them at once in the sample editor and quickly go through them. But this way, the waveforms of all events are displayed over each other. When editing 30+ events at once, that becomes very cluttered and useless. I would like to see only 1 reference event (in my case the lead vocal) underneath the one that i’m currently editing so that i can align everything to that particular event.

Does anyone know how to do this? It’s kinda similar to how you can select a midi reference in variaudio.

(Btw, i know there’s the new auto align feature, but i prefer to do it manually).