AudioWarp Quantize dont work on Drums Track

I want my money back.
Quantize multi track with new AudioWarp quantize in Cubase 6.5 does not work. My drums is all out of phase. I did everything correctly (all tracks are in Group folder and the Group Editing button is activated), but does not work, only single channel.
I do not need Retrologue and PadShop, my job is to record, edit and mix. I bought the upgrade Cubase 6.5 to speed up my editing process.

I think currently it only works with the standard algorithm correctly and you have to put all your drums in a folder track and press the group edit button and use the quantize menu.

It’s noted that multi track warp does not maintain phase across tracks.

Where has this been noted?

Yes, my drums is always in Group folder and the button Editing Group turned on.

Okay try this

Make sure the drums that are in your group folder are using the standard drum algo
Then open up the quantize panel and make sure the warp icon is selected
Remember the new Multitrack warping uses hitpoints to

New features in 6.5 PDF page 13 Audio Warp Quantizing

Not if you want to keep the track alignment intact, you have to use the slice method.