AudioWarp quantize question

Hi - how do ou make the audiowarp ticks line up with the project quantize ticks. please see attached image
SO i want to be able to go 1/4 -> 1/4 triplet etc…



Unfortunately it’s not possible to set Grid to a Triplets in the Sample Editor.

I know it’s been gone of again and again but the lack of triplet function in the sample editor is really frustrating.

I’m doing an album of 6/8 tracks at the moment for a publisher and the inability to show triplets makes it more difficult than it should be.

Whats even more frustrating about it is that it doesn’t seem to register to Steinberg that it’s missing or that it’s a feature that should be there. I raised the question of why there is no triplet function in one of the live sessions that Greg Ondo does - and he’s great. But he seemed to not know or be surprised that it wasn’t a feature.

Agreed ! it would be awesome to be able to open up your 2 GUITAR DI’s side by side in audio warp and be able to edit them to grid

Steinberg – please consider this :sunglasses: