Audiowarp suddenly activating while editing using Variaudio

Hi all,

I must have accidentally clicked something, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

While in the sample editor using Variaudio: I’m dragging the warp end to make a note longer, and suddenly (this has never happened before, in all of my many Cubase years) Audiowarp is activating, adding hitpoint lines, and preventing me from extending the warp to the length of my desire. When I drag a hitpoint line to get it out of the way, it warps audio as if I was using Audiowarp. I must be missing something. No delete option is available for the hitpoint lines. All I want to do is what I’ve always done - edit audio within Variaudio - no warping. Help! Thanks in advance. Uggh!

I should add: latest Cubase 11, Mac.

A gentle and most-appreciated BUMP, please. Stuck on a project with this issue. Thanks in advance.

Anybody? Anybody at all have any insight, please? Thank you.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Yes- attached here, thank you. These are the culprits - they stop me from dragging past them and when moved, they warp the audio rather than simply relocate. When deleted, they reappear when dragging note end. They do not consistently appear on all tracks - only some - but all tracks are similar in nature, nothing separating them in makeup. I must be missing something obvious!


That’s because the next note/segment which is on the right side, cannot be stretched anymore. You would need to glue the segments.

Thank you - meaning, the next segment that is off screen as pictured here? If you mean these two shown segments, I have glued these with the same results.


Yes, there must be a VariAudio segment, which is out of the screenshot.

I see - but it is way off from where this area is - some seconds/bars away - could there be another reason? Could a way around this be separating the events somehow?

Here is a quick video of the issue. Thank you.


Are you sure, there is no other VariAudio segment between these 2 segments?

Absolutely. There are just two simple vocal lines. Nothing out of the ordinary at all.


Could you share this Audio file (or a snipped of it), please?


You were absolutely correct. I have solved the problem thanks to what you first said - there were artifacts (breaths, chair rumble, etc.) WAY below the level of the vocal pitches that I found. Once deleted, that allowed the stretching to occur as they should.

How odd this problem, though - it was the result of a new tube mic I just purchased - I will need to change my mic technique in that this is now a much more sensitive result. …and this is how I discovered that! Crazy. MANY, many thanks Martin. Case closed.