Audiowarp with Fixed tempo

I haven’t used Audiowarp before, thought I’d try it to fix a piano track that’s played a little off-temp. I open the sample editor for the clip I want to edit, click AudioWarp, turn on musical mode, then grab one of the vertical yellow lines and try to move it. A Box pops up saying “No Tempo-Editing possible. (Tempotrack is switched off.)”

Okay, so I turn on Tempotrack, and suddenly my temp changes from 116 to 120. I don’t know how the tempo track got set to 120. I recorded everything at 116bpm. (I don’t often use the tempotrack, as I rarely record anything where I’d want the tempo to ever change). Is there a quick and easy way to make the Tempotrack tempo the same as the fixed tempo?

Change it. :confused:

press ctrl+t to open the tempo track, just set it to whichever value you need there.

Okay, that was way easier than I thought.

In the tempotrack editor, Is there a way to type in the tempo, rather than dragging the node? Took me a bit to set it precisely on 116 rather than 116.118 or 115.785

I think you might need to enable the infoline for that.

The info line within the tempo editor that is. :wink:

And just a minor suggestion - select the node by drawing a little lasso around it with the mouse instead of clicking on it - for some reason clicking on it can sometimes drag it around.

Or, if another node is already selected/highlighted, you can use the L/R arrow keys to navigate to the node you want to modify.

Got it, thanks!