Audition in Sample editor - no sound?

Just picked up Cubase in this fab sale so I’m a a noob coming from pro tools

When I open an audio file in the sample editor & try to audition it I get no sound. Am I being really dumb here? no sound from scrubbing either

THanks Ian

Cubase What?

Sorry. Cubase Pro 10. Freshly installed. Tracks play fine, instruments play fine, but when I double click an audio track open the editor I get no sound when I press the preview button or scrubbing

Check if your control room is enabled - if it is, make sure it is connected correctly (Monitor 1 to your monitoring outputs, standard outputs to “not connected”. If you don´t use the control room - turn it off.
Also make sure, “Acoustic feedback” in the editor is on, and fader turned up.

That’s done it. Thanks for your help. I knew there must be a simple explanation!

Onwards & upwards!