Audition instrument presets without using a mouse

Basically, is there a quick way to navigate patches/presets in instruments without using the mouse. Can it be assigned to a knob or button easily? My mouse is just a bit out of reach and I’d rather use my midi controller to audition presets.

Apologies if this is a dumb question. I noticed that if I mouse click and hold the patch change button in Surge XT and also press my DAW control buttons on my Akai MPK249 the buttons can then be used to navigate between patches, but this doesn’t work for other synths.

With Steinberg instruments if I open the presets from the preset management bar at the top instead of the load program patch changer in the instrument then I can do the same thing there, it’s a bit awkward, but possible.

Is there an easier thing I’m missing? Maybe a shortcut? I have searched but maybe I’m asking the wrong question.

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A highly sought feature from a large number of users that Steinberg has not resolved yet. They have indicated awareness of the lack of compatibility with Generic Remote functionality that it seems they intend to include, but after months of no updates and no commitment or meaningful statement from Steinberg, we’re all just sitting in the dark wondering why we’re paying to be ignored.

Ah crap. That’s so much hassle. Thanks for the reply.

For Steinberg VSTis if you use an Instrument Track’s Inspector to select a preset you can use the up & down Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to browse the Presets. It even previews the preset without actually loading it. When you find something you like, Enter will load it and close the preset browser.

For non-Stienberg instruments it is kind of all over the place since their GUIs are determined by the manufacturer and not Steinberg. But many of them will let you arrow through the list (once you find it). Although they may or may not preview the instrument without clicking or hitting Enter. For example Chromaphone 3 from AAS lets you arrow through & hear the previews. While a lot of Kontakt libraries are much more cumbersome.

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