Audition of instruments using shared expression maps

Increasingly I’m using shared expression maps but, although I can audition the first instrument for which I create an endpoint using it, I’ve not found a way to audition subsequent additions of instruments that use the same expression map until I’m actually entering or playing back notes in Write mode. In theory that shouldn’t be a problem, but of course sharing the same articulations is only part of the story. Horn 2 may not play quite the same way as horn 1 etc. etc… One may be slightly quieter than the other, require more attack or whatever. Finding these subtle differences at the audition stage might point to the need for a separate expression map with slightly different settings. I’d like to be able to audition separately every instrument that shares the same expression map.

I find the simplest approach is to write a test piece that uses every playing technique in every instrument (include long and short and various dynamics and speeds). It’s straightforward to swap EMs, or duplicate an instrument to hear them side by side with different maps.


And it has its advantages : you can use it as a source in the library manager!

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