Audition one shots based on my quantize value?

I typically use Live (rewired) to make my beats because of the way I can audition one shots in time with my track. You set it to a specific quantize value (1/8th notes) and then when you click on the sample in the browser (while the track is playing) it plays the sample at the next 1/8th note. Makes it very easy to audition individual kicks, snares, cymbals, etc in the exact track location that I would ultimately place them (i.e. if I’m building a house beat in the main project window and want to layer another snare, I can loop my unfinished beat while I trigger other snares over the 2 and 4 of the bar…when I find one I like, I drop it into the project).

I haven’t done much looking around but it seems as though the media bay and loop browser will only play a one shot at the beginning of a bar (i.e. as a whole note). Is there a way to emulate Live’s behavior and have the audition start at my quantize setting (the next 1/16th note or 1/8th note…whatever I have it set to)?