Audition sounds of other staffs whilst inputting notes to another stave

Apologies if this is really obvious (I’m coming from CUBASE 11 Pro and trying to learn notation software).

For ease of an example - lets say I have two staves in 4/4, stave one is full of just crotchets. If I start inputting notes on stave two, is there a way that as I input the note, I also hear the note at that position from stave 1?

For me, it would be easier to hear the new note against what I have already inputted.

Many thanks

Welcome to the Dorico side of the forum, @melph! I’m afraid there’s no way to hear the notes at the same rhythmic position when you input a note on another staff – I think that might be the first time I’ve ever heard it suggested, too. I’ll have a think about that as something we might look at in the future: users do often request the ability to step through the playback of the music one note/beat at a time (sometimes called in other programs “scrub playback”) and this sounds a bit like a variation on that theme.

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Thank you for your reply - Like I said, I’m very new to notation programs (but been using DAWs since first cubase…) so my “idea”" might be a bit wayward. Scrub playback is what I am looking for, yes.

Im currently trying out the free version of Dorico and the trial of Note performer. Two great programs. I want to see if inputting music notation (as a French Horn player, I read read music) and getting my ideas down in a format I can easily read, then input into Cubase pro to mix with the various libraries I have there.