Audition switch for piano roll?

How do I turn off audition notes in the piano roll, any time I select or input notes?
I’d prefer silent input and selection.
I’m under the impression that feature was removed. I’m running version 3.5

Hi dmtcymatics,
Just tap the speaker icon as shown on my photo :slightly_smiling_face:

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OMG, how did I not see that. I’m embarrassed, lol. Thank you :blush:

That icon was staring me in the face for months and I never saw it either, I had to ask Lars what it was, I felt embarrassed too when he told me🤭
I’m glad you’re sorted now :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Mike, I appreciate your response.
I have Cubasis on my iPad Mini 4 and on my iPhone 12 Pro. I tend to sway to the iPhone since it’s more powerful. I just use my ipad for those apps that are iPad only. The main drawback with the phone is the screen size which makes many apps very difficult to see when the icons and small text are so tiny. I use reading glasses to help me see the the little details, but somehow I missed the the little speaker icon you and Lars helped me to see. So I thank you because it makes a big difference to the pleasure of producing music in Cubasis which I love to the moon and back.

You are very welcome🙂
With my eyesight I wouldn’t be able to manage very well on my iPhone 13 Pro Max, but I think maybe it’s because of the small working area, I mainly use a iPad Air 4 with a 10.9 screen, I can manage really well with that. The usb-c hub that I use has a HDMI outlet so if needed I can connect to a larger monitor. At 70 I need all the help I can get🤣