Audition User - questions...


I have pretty much used Pro Tools and (mostly) Adobe Audition for my audio editing purposes most of my life. I have dabbled with Cakewalk many, many years ago and also CoolEdit (I think?) also many, many years ago.

Recently I have gotten the option to use several Cubase products when purchasing Yamaha products. Cubase AI, LE and Wavelab have all become available to me.

I installed Cubase AI and WaveLab and am encountering some pretty serious learning curve. I was hoping that my knowledge of the principles would put me farther along the path to understanding than it did.

Also, Cubase is ENORMOUS compared to some of the other programs I have used. Not a HUGE deal, but when my PC has a 128G SSD as its primary drive, eating 12G for audio software is - well - notable.

So my question, and hoping not to stir up a hornet’s nest of tribalism, but what does Wavelab (and if any of you have info on Cubase AI as well) offer me to make it worth the investment in time that I will have to make to switch to Steinberg products. In no way am I attacking Steinberg or suggesting that they are not worth the investment - I’m just asking those of you who have chosen this product to help me know what it offers that would make this the right choice for someone to make? Thanks for any help you can provide!


WaveLab is considered a mastering focused DAW ideal for mastering music, and creating broadcast ready content. Among other things it has great metadata capabilities, and excellent metering built in.

Whether or not WaveLab is useful to you probably depends on what type of work you do, or need to do. It’s not the the kind of DAW you’d want to record or mix a song in of course, but for mastering, I find it indispensable.

Here is an article that details why I use WaveLab:

Thank you, I"m off to read your article now.

And back… I definitely am not in the same world as you are when it comes to producing. The closest I have ever been to that was for about a decade where we would put together “Best Of CD’s” each year which we sold and raised money for charities. I vaguely remember the requirements of the CD pressing company (and yes, for a while Cassettes also - this was circa 1997-2006) but I think that they were very much in your world, and as long as we gave them a decent CD-R then we didn’t have a problem.

I think once we had a CD kicked back because something wasn’t right. And it was easy to fix. I also recall the first few years we were sending them reel-to-reel tapes for the projects. My how times have changed.

However, I’m pretty much producing stuff for broadcast and don’t need a whole lot of metadata - when I do need it, I usually have a Wide Orbit Plugin that does the job. I rarely need any heavy lifting like that. There is plenty of heavy lifting in the DAW side of things, but not much - if any - mastering.

That makes me think that maybe I’m perfectly fine using Audition and not bothering with learning a new program. But I would like to be able to work easily with my MODX Synth. I suppose that I could just plug it up to Audition and do what I’ve been doing. But if there were a way to use it more efficiently with AI then I’d be interested in exploring that.

I suppose the next step is to hit up youtube and see if I can find more info - thanks for your help!