Auditioned notes stick

I’ve been having a recent problem on a number of projects in which clicking on a note causes it to audition… and stick. I have to stop it by pressing P, and P again. Easy to fix, but annoying.

It happens consistently when the soprano and alto are written in unison, one stem up and one stem down. I think it’s happened other times as well, though not common.

Any idea what could be causing it? I’m experiencing it on literally every project I’ve worked on lately, but they’ve all been created from the same “template” file, and imported from XML. It’s two vocal staves (hymnal format).

If it’s helpful, here’s one example:

Clicking on any shared unison causes the auditioned note to stick for me. I am able to eliminate the behavior by resetting the template to NotePerformer, but I’m curious to know why it’s happening in the first place.

I don’t know why this would be any different in 3.1 than in earlier versions, but Dorico will be outputting one event for each note, and with two note-on events and two note-off events sent at exactly the same timestamp, I guess the behaviour as to whether the note-off events are processed in order is undefined. We should probably limit Dorico to only outputting a single note at the same pitch when we audition. We’ll look into it.

Thanks Daniel. Easy for me to work around, but always looking to help make Dorico better. :slight_smile:

I get occasional “sticky notes” as well - but there’s no discernible pattern.

To clarify, it happened before 3.1. Whether it happened before 3.0, I can’t recall.

Same with me - was happening with 3.0. If anything it seems to be happening less frequently with 3.1.

This is something that’s unlikely to have changed recently, so chances are it’s been like that for a while. I think Daniel’s analysis is correct. We do have special steps to avoid this during playback, but it doesn’t currently do that same processing during auditioning.