Auditioning all notes selected in sequence (using cmd-select or shift-select)

Right now, when I select one note (with my cursor), it becomes orange and simultaneously plays its tone. This is however not true for subsequent tones I select using cmd-select or shift-select. Is this a function that I can activate in settings somewhere? If not, I hope it could be. This functionality would be helpful to reduce mistakes. Thank you.

Just to clarify: I hope that after selecting one note (which provides a sound), the other notes that I select (in addition to the first note) will not be silent upon selection, but will also sound.

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Make a selection (orange notes) and press P. It will start playback of that selection. It will not stop at the end of the selection, however, so press P again to stop playback and the original playback point will be retained.

Thanks Janus. That’s only useful for rows of selected notes and chords. If I select some notes that are separated by un-selected notes and hit “p”, Dorico plays all the notes from the first selected.

Of course it does. Why would it not?

You initial observation…

just reflects your chosen settings in Preferences-> Note Input and Editing