Auditioning Direct Offline Processing

Hi all. Just upgraded to 9.5 Pro and have a question. Is there any way of auditioning the effect being applied to a part before actually pressing the ‘Apply’ button? I want to freeze some Abbey Road reverbs which are very cpu hungry but it seems like a lot of trial and error.

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Do you mean in the Direct Offline Processing? Yes. Disable Auto Apply, and then you can use the Audition button.

Thanks very much Martin…found the Audition button! However when I audition something it’s clearly working but there’s no audio. Do I have to route the output somewhere?

Same as all previews, this is routed to the Monitor 1 bus of the Control Room (Studio).

Cubase 12 Audition no sound on Master 1 bus of a Control Room

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Audition is routed via Monitor buses.