Auditioning each lane (take) in multiple mic group

I have 10 takes of a drum part recorded to 11 tracks that I put into a folder before tracking. After completing my takes, I activated Group Edit. This, of course, lets me use the comp tool on one of the tracks and the comp change is applied to the same corresponding lane in each of the other tracks. However, I need to audition each lane so I can figure out where I need to use my comp tool. Using the “Play” tool on a lane in one of the tracks only auditions that lane on that track and not that lane in all 11 tracks simultaneously. For example, I’d like to listen to all 11 tracks playing the first take (Lane 1) to see if there’s anything useful in that take. And then Lane 2, then Lane 3, etc. As far as I can tell, activating Group Edit for the containing folder only enables group editing with the Comp tool and group selecting with the range tool, but not group auditioning with the Play tool. I feel like I’m missing something here - suggestions?