Auditioning sounds in drum editor

Weird one this. Sometimes I can audition drum sounds from Groove Agent SE5 in the drum editor, but usually I can’t. Wotsamatter?



Is the Acoustic Feedback enabled or not in the Drum Editor?

Hi. I’ve just found that. It makes no difference whether it’s on or off.


So can you hear it now, or not? Do you want to hear it, or not?

Can you hear a previous of MediaBay audio samples?

No, I cant hear media bay samples either. I didn’t know that those problems would be related, but of course they are!


If Control Room is enabled, all the previews are routed via Monitor Busses. Make sure your Monitor Bus is routed to and meaningfully Device Port, please.

If Control Room is disabled, all the previews are routed via Main Mix bus from the Outputs. Right-click the bus you want to use as Main Mix and enable the option from the drop-down menu, please.

Thank you for this suggestion. You sound like you know what you’re talking about and I can’t wait to try it when I can get in my studio tomorrow!



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Oh heck, there’s another can of worms to try and get my head around!

Blimey that did it! I just needed to to route the control room to my sound card!
Thanks a load. That will make my workflow flow better!