Auditioning sounds in Media Bay


No doubt a simple fix but I cannot hear samples when auditioned in Media Bay, no problem when dragged into a track they sound fine. I do have volume slider turned up in sample preview box.

Any ideas please ?


What is your used Software?

Oh Sorry !! Cubase Pro 9.5

Media bay can be mysterious in the way it auditions. I don’t know if this will help with your problem at all…

Thanks but not solved my problem. Annoying thing it was working ok and now it isn’t. It is as if I have turned something off accidentally :frowning:

This has always confused me a little too … the previews are routed through the Control Room so the answer is that you need to make sure that the Control Room outputs are routed properly … for example, route them to Main Outs 1&2 and you will hear them fine …

Something that helped me was assigning a key command to switch between the preview being routed to the phones buss and main out.

So when I’ve got headphones on etc I can still preview.

Thank you very much that has cracked it !

Much appreciated.