Auditioning Sounds With Virtual Keyboard and Halion

Is anyone else having this issue auditioning sounds with the virtual keyboard and Halion. You have to click back and forth between the two to hear each preset. This is a serious waste of time…Whats up with that Steinberg???


Do you mean the Virtual Keyboard in the Transport Panel? Does it mean it doesn’t send data or when it’s not in focus?

Yes exactly it’s not sending data and you have to double click on each preset you want to load. Try Retrologue for example it’s working perfectly.


Sorry I don’t get your workflow.

HALion is open and you play via Virtual Keyboard. Right? Then you select another sound preset (where do you select it? HALion, MediaBay…?), you click once. And you expect the sound is loaded and you can preview the sound, right?

Using Halion VSTi and Virtual Keyboard. Just try to browse presets and play and you should experience this issue.

Where should I browse the presets? In HALion itself or in MediaBay?

If it’s in HALion , then you are right. Single-click doesn’t mean the sound is loaded, so you cannot play it. The same is by using HW mIDI keyboard.

Using MediaBay in Cubase, it loads the sound (at least HALion Sonic SE sounds; this is the reason, why does it take so long to switch between these presets), so you can play it.

Halion and Virtual Keyboard. No Media bay… I’m not complaining about the loading. My issue is with the Virtual Keyboard once the sound is loaded you have to click on the transport for it to transfer data…

Sorry, then I become confused by this.

Yes exactly it’s not sending data and you have to double click on each preset you want to load.

Here by “double click” you mean click in HALion [1] and another to the Virtual Keyboard [2], right?

Yes you have to go back and forth to hear/audition each sound. For example compared to Browsing presets in Retrologue you can simply have the browser open, the virtual Keyboard in the background simply scroll up or down to audition each sound.

You can’t do that anymore with the new Halion VSTi. You hear the Mac sound FX instead.