Augmentation dots in same location cannot have different sizes

Perhaps this issue is known, but since it is so specific I thought I’d bring it up, just in case.

I have a corner case where I am using a hidden ossia and a visible cue to display a (dubious) rhythm found in a historical source. The presence of a simultaneous dotted rhythm causes the first augmentation dot in the cue to be the “normal” rather than “cue” size, which is fixed even if I change the scale of the note or the voice column.

As an experiment, I inputted a dotted rhythm in opposing voices and changed the lower voice’s scale to cue size. Again, the dot sizes are linked, but in this case the upper voice’s dot shrunk to cue size while the notes and stems remained untouched. That seems disadvantageous.

Nothing in Engraving Options seems to decouple this. It would be wonderful if there was some way to work more directly with augmentation dots in Engrave mode.

(As an aside, I think I have seen a request here for a native footnotes feature; I would absolutely use that in this situation.)

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Thanks for reporting this. I can well imagine how this comes to be the case, since Dorico will work out the grouping and positioning of rhythm dots for all notes in the active voices at a coincident position. Unpicking this might be quite tricky, but I’ll make a note of it and we’ll try to look into it at some point in the future.