AUM does not appear as a midi input option for routing

I need to be able route midi from AUM to c3. I know c3 is listening to it because when I select All Inputs c3 hears midi events from a controller twice. Once from the controller directly into c3 and another from the output of AUM. But whatever it’s listening to besides the direct controller input is not on the list.


Thanks for your message.
There are several YouTube clips available regarding the topic:

Record from AUM into Cubasis 2 & 3 | IAA Output Routing | haQ attaQ

How To Record Audio Into Cubasis 3 Using Audiobus and AUM

Please let me know if these are helpful to solve the problem.


Thanks for the response but you misunderstand the issue. I am not trying to record audio into c3, I am trying to record midi into c3.

Removing AUM from the equation, the issue is that “virtual MIDI” is missing from the list of midi inputs in c3. I just checked and virtual MIDI does show in cubasis 2. C3 is seeing virtual midi events when “all inputs” is selected but you can’t limit input to just virtual midi.

Sorry for not being clear. Thanks!

Hi steve2,

We had the impression that nowadays most apps have their own CoreMIDI ports instead of using the shared Virtual MIDI port. You could ask AUM to add a CoreMIDI port instead of only offering Virtual MIDI.

Nevertheless, we have added your request to add Virtual MIDI to the list of MIDI inputs and outputs to our list.