Auria Pro

I know it may be a sensitive subject to make a topic discussing a competing DAW, but bear with me :slight_smile:

Auria Pro has just been released. It comes equipped with midi sequencing (finally), timestretching and loads of advanced and professional features not found in any other DAW on iOS. It’s very appealing.


Cubasis still wins hands down by a country mile when it comes to the user interface. I applaud the team at Steinberg for making Cubasis such a fluid, aesthetically pleasing and well thought out experience, from the arrange page to the matrix editor. Everything is beautiful.

I appreciate all the hard work that you put into making it what it is.

If Cubasis can only catch up with a few critical bug fixes and add a few more of these ‘pro’ features, like timestretching, tempo & time signature tracks etc, it will bring it on par with (and beyond in some ways) Auria Pro.

Thanks again for your commitment to the software and for making it the great experience (minus the bugs) that it is.

Yes, we get grumpy and impatient on here sometimes (and occasionally with good reason), but I’m sure I speak for many other Cubasis users when I look at the bigger picture and say “Thank you!”

Hi Dancore,

Thanks for your kind message.

It has been and continues to be our main goal to meet our users’ expectations and retain customer satisfaction and it is assured that we will continue to expand on Cubasis’ capabilities!

Best wishes,

I couldn’t agree more

Auria Pro is an interesting development … no question the product is modelled on a desktop DAW experience and the workflow within is entirely transferable to a bigger system. They’ve also included AAF project export to move work to any desktop DAW since they have no stake in which platform the iPad user prefers. I note with frustration that the only DAW I use which won’t accept AFF is CUBASE PRO! To that end Auria is great educational tool ( I use it with students) and makes an easy point of entry for those used to other DAW’s

Cubasis on the other hand bares a resemblance to CUBASE but its different enough IMO to make using it puzzling sometimes. So I wonder whether SB had the idea at the start that Cubasis would be simple to enourage users to move to Cubase, rather than providing a mobile experience for experienced Cubase users ? If so I think it was the wrong approach. While I enjoy Cubasis I just don’t think the developers have set their sights high enough for the actual user group. Lets face it novice iOS users just wont find a better platform than Garage and for price, quality and ease of use. Cubasis feels itsaimed above that level … but not far enough. Instruments aren’t good enough, tools are too rudimentary… it feels ‘stuck’.

I think SB need to reassess Cubasis and give it significantly more Cubase - like workflows and functionality Build it so Cubase/Nuendo users want to use it.

Oh… and please … No Cubasis Pro version. Just make one great iOS platform.


Developers just don’t seem to take the platform as seriously as we do.
We want to use it as an independant 'PRO" platform.
They seem to see it just as a way to draw people towards their desktop platforms, which is the platform they seem to prefer.
Hence my original complaint about the IAP icon at the top of Cubasis.
Something that they would never have considered on the desktop app.
The user community would have hung them out to dry.

As for IOS users, we appear to be something less.
And I will not accept that.

Hi ,

I bought auria pro yesterday and was very happy with it,great stuff , but i still love cubasis for easy flow but we need more plz SB if u want to charge us for a pro version do it but evolve it to the competitor level,
Timestrechning, sidechain, more advance sampler with sf2 or whatever, more advanced fx and sound module, remove annoying bugs …

Thank you