Australian Cubase Spokesman

I did not see his name but he said he was a touring musician returning to Australia in the Cubase 8.5 videos.

Steinberg, Can you not use this guy in any more videos? I just do not like him. He seems creepy in some way. I think the idea is you want to make Cubase seem cool but this does the opposite of that also I don’t like his music at all from the little bit he played for us.

Which video are you talking about? I can’t find it…

Well, that’s a pretty creepy comment about a fellow human being doing his best, isn’t it haha?
And he’s rather good at it as well.
It’s usually no nonsense videos with a little twist to make it memorable or whatever.
The information is always spot on so I think he’s doing a great job!

Greg Ondo makes far superior and more informative Cubase videos. They should have had him do them.

Then just don’'t watch Andy and watch Greg?
Sooner or later Greg will cover all of it and more, given his track record.
No reason to hate on anyone else who’s trying?

It’s just my opinion that’s all. There was a lot of stuff in one of the videos that was not relevant to Cubase. I didn’t care to see how he builds songs from loops in the media bay or what equipment his friend in the UK has. It took forever to get across very little information about Cubase.

Does anyone really use these media bay loops? I get the feeling Steinberg is trying to beg us to use them. The loops don’t sound like anything I would ever buy. It’s just bloatware to me.

I guess my main complaint is that it masquerades as useful information about Cubase but it’s really a bad commercial.

Yeah, that one wasn’t very impressive haha! But this guy has made loads of other Cubase videos which are more proper tutorials unless I mistake him for someone else, but I don’t think I do.

And loops in general I usually skip because … I’m simply just not made that way, wrong or right.

Me too, that is what I am wondering, does anyone use these? Maybe they should know, that’s not their forte. Maybe they should not emphasize loops but also they want you to buy the packs. I seriously doubt they sell many of these. The loops make Cubase a much larger download. I wish they would offer the entire package without any loops and samples or a slim version of them.

The samples that come with Battery are better than Groove Agent samples but Groove Agent is better software.

Myself and a couple of other guys off here met him in stoke on trent, where he was doing a demo on C5…
We did rattle him a little because we kept trying to get him to go off script as he was basically going through the, then’ marketing vid for C5 which we’d all seen so we wanted to see something a little deeper.

He didn’t have the beard then either :nerd: :ugeek:

Managed to blagg a load of steinberg pens and lariats off him though :wink:


Seems the outback is a little removed from the boardrooms in Hamburg… just sayin’ :wink:

Andy’s looking a little feral these days… :open_mouth: