Authoring DVD-Audio

(Sorry for my English).
Hello, I have a problem to edit DVD-Audio. I have chosen 2 tracks stereo L R, all processing and burning are completed and checked by Wavelab. Unfortunetly with two different decks DENON, dvd displayed L, R, SL, SR and sound is terrible ! Unable to set the correct stereo or surround disc. And with the other choices : mono, 2.1, 3.1,… 5.1 it’s equal. I think there’s un bug ?? Could you help me ?

Are you using WaveLab 11.2 ?

Actually, I use Wavelab 11.0.20 (build 101).
I registered it.

Then use the latest version, 11.2

Ok, I’ll download it. Thanks.

Hello, with the new version, everything works again. DVD audio editing is ok. Thanks.

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