Authorising Halion SOnic Trial

Hi I just installed HalionSonic 64bit from the installer DVD, & I have a major headache with authorising the license trial.

I have checked the Elicensor, it refuses to load Halionsonic in C6 64 bit at startup,and I looked at the elicensor and there is no trial on the licence to activate, trial or otherwise…

Anyone had this problem, I have 10 Gb of Halionsonic installed and no way to get the license activated!..any clues, I am a bit stumped as this is not the first headache with any of the trial programs, I had to reformat to even get the Halionsonic Discs to Autorun & Install.

What the usual way of using the trial of Halionsonic, install, activate trial license on the Elicensor and on you go?..thats what I presume, but it aint looking that way, I see no license to activate the trial?

any peeps had same issue? :smiley:

Have a look at the documentation you received with your C6 box… it’s in there on the sheet with your auth code for C6 as far as i remember… it’s DEFINITELY in the box!.. you need to enter this into you eLc manager to activate it…

Hi Discoworx,

Did you enter the HALion Sonic Trial Activation Code in the eLicenser Control Center?
Your Trial AC is printed on one of the sheets you got inside the Cubase package.

Cmon Mat… WHO looks inside a box for fluffy things,when all you get is Trial Discs… :smiley:

Thanks Carlos & Mat, didnt even bother to see if there was anything to accompany the trial, Hmmm…throw in a disk, run setup and then activate!..(Its the workflow in my studio, any other bumf gets overlooked in the madness.)…Many thanks Ill investigate. :wink:

This is the first time I decided to install a demo! so I hope HS come up with the goodies!

patience is a virtue and all that innit! hehe :wink:

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed some how… i’ve just splashed out for the H4 upgrade too… stunning piece of kit! :smiley:
Steiny really seem to be on the ball with certain things at the moment… C6 and the new HALion system… one very happy camper here at the moment!

I just succumbed last nite to gear fever too, and bought the NI Komplete upgrade…(99 euros) could walk by it…hanging about the window waiting for the courrier in the next few days will be torture as usual! :smiley:

whats the Halion 4 script Mat, does it ahve a comprehensive library?

Basically it seems that H4 is the ‘top tier’ of the HALion system if you follow me… it’s modular so you can bolt bits of it on…
Start with Halion sonic SE… bolt on HS and HSO… then if you want greater and deeper editing capabilities as well as a rather nice virtual analogue synth and a sampler you get the H4 ‘addon’ as it were…
Yeah the library is everything you get with HSse, HS, HSO and a few hundred H4 specific presets too… so if you have H4 you don’t really need to worry about HSse or HS/HSO you can run it all from one central plugin which is pretty nifty!
H4 can use the existing presets as ‘macros’ or start points for more complex sounds… it’s really rather cool!
You can tweak pretty much anything with it so all the existing HSse etc presets you have can be messed about with even more, mixed and matched etc… :smiley: