Authorize Steinberg Activation Manager

I have been trying for days to active my Cubase 12 with no success

When I try to Sign in from the Steinberg Authorization Manager I get this message:

Authorize Steinberg Activation Manager

To authorize Steinberg Activation Manager, you must allow your browser to open Steinberg Activation Manager. Once authorization is completed, you can close this page and continue working with Steinberg Activation Manager.

Try Again

and it never works. I have tried Edge and Chrome with no success. I have allowed both browsers to open Steinberg Activation Manager

Any suggestions?

Hi - what operating system version are you using? Do you have any anti-virus software installed?

I am on Windows 10. I tried disabling Eset but it made no difference.

Let me explain with some pics to show you what all I have done

I have downloaded and installed Cubase 12 through the SDA with no issues. My issue is that its showing Verification Pending with a date inside the Steinberg Activation Manager.

I have tried to run the steps in your “Verification Pending” article Steinberg Licensing: “Verification Pending” – Steinberg Support but once I hit Activate, I get Upgrade. Every time I try hitting the “Upgrade” option I get a window telling me the the eLCC cant be launched. Its saying my eLCC is outdated but as you can see in the pic its the latest. I have tried opening it manually with no issues but that doesn’t seem to fix anything.

as you can see, I have ran the maintenance task on eLicenser with no errors and you can see I am using the latest version as well.

Thanks for the detailed description of the steps you took - they’re very helpful in understanding which step of the process you’ve reached.

I’ve send you a PM with the activation code to complete the process to convert your “pending verification” license to a permanent one. I’m not sure why this activation code can’t be delivered by the Steinberg Download Assistant but will pass on your case to the relevant team.

I’ve the same problem
Coud you help please? I’ve opened 2 tickets but nobody solve

Hi Paolo - from what I can see on your account - the update process has completed successfully. Can you see the “Cubase 12” licence in Steinberg Activation Manager? Are you able to run Cubase 12?

Yes, I’m able to run CB12

Unfortunately the eLLC still show this


You shouldn’t need to put in any more activation codes. If your old Cubase 11 license says “non upgradeable” it shows that the license has been successfully upgraded.

Hi @Ben_at_Steinberg , I’m experiencing the same problems as Peak, trying to update from Dorico 3.5 to 4. OS is Catalina, and I’ve disabled Avast to stop it interfering. I had no problems getting 3.5 downloaded, but now it just doesn’t like 4 and I’m stuck in the ‘Authorise Steinberg activation manager on chrome’ loop. I was originally told I had the free update from 3.5 to 4.
Do you have any fixes for me please?!

This sounds like a different problem - are you still in the same situation? Could you provide a screenshot?

Hi Ben

Same problem. How can I solve it? Just hangs on “try again” in the SAM page.