Authorizing C6, no net connection HELP!

This might be a little off topic, but I’m lost and WANT to install my Cubase 6 trial ASAP!!! I’ve posted this on a few other boards, but so far getting nothing. For those who understand deep computer nonsense, read on…

I have 2 computers, one is a regular household for surfing and such. The other I use for recording music, and has never been regularily hooked up to the internet. One is a year old, the other 2. Both in great working condition.
Occasionally, I have to plug in my cable to connection to the recording comp, to authorize programs and such. I’ve done it a handful of times in the past, and its been as simple as unplugging the cable from one, and switching it to the other…no problems.

Now, for some reason that wont work. I’m getting no connection on the recording comp at all. I downloaded Internet Explorer updates and transferred to the recording comp, but still wont recognize the connection. Anyone have ANY ideas of how I could fix this?!?!?


No need to do all that. Just plug the dongle into the net computer and download the license to it and then move the dongle to the studio comp…

Nate is correct :slight_smile:
And that’s the way I’ve always done it, the DAW has never been on the Internet.