Autionmation delay/latency...especially channel eq

Say if I high passed a kick drum using the channel eq over two bars e.g. bars 31-32 so just the click plays…then dramatically dropped the high pass filter to 20hz so the kick comes back in at bar 33. What is happening is that there is a few milliseconds of delay with Cubase reading the automation so that the kick on the first beat of bar 33 is still high passed. If I move the entire automation 10 or 20 milliseconds earlier…it seems tight and plays like it should. What is going on? Is this soundcard related? Thanks

Automation is not sample accurate, and your soundcards latency has to be factored in.

Thanks for the response. Yes I heard about not being sample accurate. This is a big issue for me…as it is for everyone who wants tight mixes. I wish there was a seperate track delay for the automation Cheers