Autmatically re-routing MIDI


Cubasis on iPad 3. I set up a project with a number of MIDI tracks (with “No Instrument”) each routed to a different MIDI channel of an internal synth (iMS-20). All good, I work using piano roll…

I then want to enter some notes using keys, so I get my Korg NanoKey2 controller out of my bag and plug it in using the Camera Connection Kit. This introduces a new MIDI output routing called nanoKey2 CTRL and, annoyingly, Cubasis re-routes every MIDI track output to this new option. I now have to go through and re-select my synth as the MIDI out routing for each track.

I believe that the purpose of the nanoKey2 CTRL output is for configuring the controller using editor software on PC.

Is this a bug or am I using the software in an unexpected way? Why does Cubasis think that I want to re-route all of my MIDI tracks just because a new device has become available? It’s very frustrating, mostly because it seems so easily avoided: don’t change my MIDI output routing! Maybe it would be acceptable for the software to do so if I had not actually set a MIDI output routing for the channel yet but in this case I have.

I’m new to Cubasis so may have missed an obvious workaround…