"auto" accompaniment (bass, drums etc.) - 1 man band home setup

A beginner question regarding hardware/ software for “1 man band” home setup.
I saw this gentleman :
and was wondering if someone could explain what hardware/software is required to be able
to “copy” what he is doing i.e. to play either electric guitar or keyboard and have
drums/bass/melody backing ?

If you read the full description in his video he lists all the gear he uses…

yes that’s clear, but as an absolute beginner I am not sure which of the equipment is used / how it’s done
(OK I see the drum pad, but could someone give me more details - which equipment and what needs to be setup).
Haven’t listed my equipment, but I have an old Roland E20 synthesizer, electric/acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Yamaha
MG10 mixer, Zoom UAC-8 converter + Cubase LE in case that makes a difference.