Auto adding new installed vst to Custom Collection?

This has probably been asked before, but is there a way to add new installed vst to a custom collection automatically?

For example, I made my own collection in Plugin Manager. Now I install 3-4-5-6-7 VST, which may include 5-6-7 dll(vst3) files. They will automatically appear in Default Collection, but they have to be added manually to a custom collection. I can forget to do that after every installation. Or there can be numerous new installed vst. It is not so easy to find them in the list and add to the collection.

So, is there a magic property I can check and new vst will appear in the custom collection?

It wouldn’t be a custom collection if it auto added them. It’s exactly the opposite of the desired behavior. How would it know which custom folder in your collection YOU want it in?

It’s simple: New VST could be added to the automatically generated folder, named !NEW INSTALLED!, for example. This folder will be located at the top of other folders in a collection. And VST in the folder could be grouped by vendor.

So, a user will be able to do with the folder everything he wants, including the removal. Very simple.

No thanks, this is absolutely the opposite of what I would want. Sorry. -1

This topic is not a suggestion. It’s a question))
Well, as far as I understand Cubase doesn’t have the feature I asked about. Then I’ll just go to a “Suggestions” topic %)

By the way, this functionality mustn’t necessarily always be enabled. It may be a checkbox in the Cubase settings.

More useful might be to have the option of listing the plugins by order of installation as well as the existing orders. Then you could easily see what you’ve add and then drag them all to a new folder.

Nice idea. I will add it to a post when I will be writing it in suggestions)