auto align doesnt work at 96k

I recently decided to go to 96k and suddenly the auto align is useless when I align vocal takes, even when they are almost perfectly stacked. It seems mess up the entire alignment through the whole vocal take. Im on the latest version of cubase 10. WIndows 10 Antelope conversion.

interesting,it never worked well for me on nuendo 10 where i record at 96khz only.never tried it at other samplerates,maybe that’s the problem there too now that you mention it. !!!

The audio alignment function in cubase 10 does not work properly.
The target file will not sync with the reference file

well i converted some files from 96 to 44 khz to test, and although its not as good as it possibly could be,its working in 44khz better(at 96 khz its not usable at all)
hope there will be hot fix for 96 khz issue soon ,and in general better implementation of audio align in cubendo

For me it worked perfectly at 44k but thats the only sample rate that works. I REALLY wish this worked.