Auto Align Post ARA - HOPE?

I’ve just starting using the ARA plugin – Went through and read a bunch of old post about it - and realizing it’s a real mess – My main issue seems to be that after “Make Permenent” from a copy of aligned tracks (Boom/Lav(s)) that I can’t do any additional offline processing without a bunch of problem – I guess the only solid solution is to bounce in place once you’re comfortable doing so – which is a f’d way to work – very disappointed with ARA integration and Nuendo – is there hope Nuendo will achieve similar seamless integration as Protools users experience – ? –
Counting on some divine intervention - thanks in advance God

I was excited to see AutoAlign Pro 2.1 released the other day – loaded it up and nothing has changed - still need to use a miserable workflow to get the most out of it (pulling out handles before processing then rendering and re-cutting)- at least in PT in “Static” mode - it will apply correction to the WHOLE CLIP of selected – I would settle for that – the no handles BS, really slows the process down x3 – Revolutionary plug-in – I just wish it worked like you would expect.