Auto Align Post VST

SoundRadix has announced Auto Alogn post for vst.
Can anyone think of a reasonable workflow to integrate this?

Yes. to sync lavalier microphones to boom microphones on phase level.

But no vst version so far.

I know what it is used for.
The VST version has been announced.
My question is about the workflow.
Since Steinberg does not allow the audio suite offline workflow, I wonder how one could use it in Nuendo without major hassle.

Ah, great news about vst version.

In PT it is very simple. You raised a good question…

please please, where did they announce this? I don’t see info on their webpage? Let us know, thanks

Yes, auto align has had VST version since long, but me neither see a vst version of auto align post on their pages…

it was announced at AES.

OK. So basically no one knows how to use it so far?

Okay great ill keep an eye out for it. Thankd for sharing

Auto-Align Post 1.1 Features and Updates:

  • VST3-ARA2 and AU-ARA2 support

Perhaps we’ll need to see ARA2 support in Cubase/Nuendo before this will work.