auto arm specific channel on record

I need to make sure that a specific channel is always record armed whenever the project is loaded, or whenever Cubase’s record button is pressed, so that this channel will always be recorded.

I banged my head against the wall over this for a while now. How to go about this?

I would appreciate your input.

regards, Mikael

There’s a Pref to Record Enable on Select. Enable this and select the track. Or, un-check it to prevent accidental dis-arm.

Thank you for the inoput - however, this is not solving my issue.

I need to make sure one specific track is always armed in my project - either on project load or, at the latest, when the record button of the transport bar is clicked. I need to make sure this track is armed without selecting it and without having to think about it.

Is there a way for this to be done?

regards, Mikael

Only way to have the project open with the track still record enabled is to enable the Pref a mentioned.

There’s no way to do it that I know of. I know this feature would be helpful to you, but it only takes one click to record enable a track. Just curious, in what situation are you finding you need an auto-record enabled track on startup?