Auto Audio Export using Hardware Gear


I just made a huge template in Cubase 10pro: I created a lot of midi scales which are controlling different hardware synth (like moog, dx7 etc). I created a marker track and a cycle marker for every notes in the scale so I can export all the notes at once when I want to sample an analog synth for exsamole. Its a great method, I use a lot, but I wonder if I could do even faster: recording and exporting these synths directly from the hardware - without recording them first on an audio track, than exporting them. I tried with the “realtime render” option but it gives an empty audio track at the end.

Than you for your helpt! :slightly_smiling_face:


If I understand your question right, then this is not possible. You always have to get the sound (audio), which is generated on the hardware side.

You can set them up to mimic a virtual instrument via the connections window so there’s no need to record the external synth to an audio track before export.


Even then, if you want to use multiple sounds of the hardware instrument, you have to always export it to an audio.

Thank you for your reply! I will give a try thanks!