Auto backup project version numbers not writing correctly

Theres definitely something going on with Cubase Pro 8 and backup version numbers. I havent gotten to the bottom of it but I’ve noticed if I’m already working on 'Song-01.cpr" and the system recovers an auto save (save after a crash) it should label the next version “Song-02.cpr” but instead it names it like this “Song.cpr” like its the original version. The only way to figure out what the most recent version is is to look at the saved time.

very dangerous bug for getting rid of your work!!

Anyone seen this?

+1 Naming of bak files is messed up. Autosave has changed. It has turned evil.

Call me crazy, but this naming convention below does not look very intuitive to me. Please see below. Look at the times and the version numbers. Bak files created later in time, are somehow given a lower version number. The version numbers somehow count backwards. It appears that when Cubase autosaves, it has to re-number the previous auto-saves, or something? Otherwise, it must know the number of bak files that will be created, before they are created. But this would involve a function that transcends our current understanding of what time is. Actually, it is theoretically possible because of Einstein’s relativity, but it has never been achieved. Perhaps Cubase is re-numbering older bak files every time an autosave occurs. Maybe this is why auto-saves are taking so long. Every 3 minutes I sit for 10 or 15 seconds watching Windows “think”.
Backward naming convention.jpg
Update: Proof! Look at the second screenshot below. Cubase re-numbered the older bak files to preserve the backward naming convention. Look at the bak file made at 5:52 PM. It has been re-named from version 03 to version 04!
It re-names older bak files.jpg
It doesn’t matter what the explanation is. Auto-save has turned weird. It could be some little error that can easily be changed. Happens sometimes.

Please also re-consider the following post. Is it related to the weirdness?

Cubase has always (well for as long as I’ve noticed) rotated the backup numbers of all files. Actually a concept borrowed from Unix which has a command called logrotate, primarily used to keep log files from getting too large. The current file is renamed by adding extension .1, and a new file is created, but that’s after renaming all the other files to a greater number too. That way the largest numbers can be deleted/archived.

Personally, I use the underscore character rather than the dash character for my own numbering because then Cubase doesn’t get confused. I.e. SongName_05_justAddedNewBass.cpr. However, I also use the auto-incremental saves for quick/frequent saves which will add a -01 etc to the end. After a few of those I SaveAs to remove the extra auto number and increment my own, SongName_06_nowAddedKeys.cpr. Works for me.