Auto Backup settings won't stick

I like to have my auto backup at every 3 minutes and 25 files. But every time I open up a new project in C10.5 it changes back to the default of 15 minutes. UGH. This should be a universal setting, no?

it is universal yes. I have mine for every 7 minutes, no problems.

do you have problems with setting other preferences?

It’s never, ever worked properly or consistently.

Some projects I’m working on currently will auto backup just fine as set in preferences. whereas others simply refuse to.

I’ve often wondered if this is to do with sessions that have been created or worked on, on other systems with different settings, which confuses things?

This has always been hosed up

Glenn - I do also find that “snap track heights” defaults to on, no matter how many times I turn it off. I don’t recall having this issue in C7 and previous versions.

Of all things to be buggy. Just brutal. I too have had issues with this since way back in the day. How the hell have they not solved this yet??