Auto-backup to a cloud service in Cubasis

Is there a way to set the media bay in cubasis to a cloud location like icloud etc. where everything is automaticly backed up?

I really like Cubasis but I much prefer the way Garageband can be icloud synced. That way whatever I do is automaticly reflected and secured on icloud and is available across devices.

Using share/import function within Cubasis is a lot of user steps and for me adds to confusion while handeling the version in the media bay and aditional copies that are shared to iclod.

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Hi xmortenx,

Thanks for your message.
Your request has been added to the list.

In the meantime:

  • iTunes File Sharing allows to drag and drop complete folders from/to the iPad from/to desktop machines
  • Files app support (added with Cubasis 2.4) allows to select multiple files, which makes tasks like this easy and quick

Hope that helps…


+1 for this feature